Image for Openshift registry-console pod not found.

Sample Error Log:

  Warning  Failed   35m (x807 over 2d)    kubelet, master01.cluster  Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = manifest for not found

Solution Overview:

Change the image in the registry-console pod deployment config.


Backup the registry-console deployment config before making changes to it, allowing a rollback to the previous config should something go wrong after editing the deployment config.

- Change to the default project:

root@master01:~# oc project default
Now using project "default" on server "https://opencontainer-internal.cluster:443".

- Backup the registry-console deployment config:

root@master01:~# oc get dc 
docker-registry   registry-console  router            
root@master01:~# oc get dc registry-console -o yaml > dc_registry_console.bak

Solution Steps:

Edit the registry-console deployment config and change the container image from to

- Change container image in registry-console deployment config:


Alternative Solution:

Use the oc set image command to update the deployment config without manually editing it:

root@master01:~# oc set image dc/registry-console